We are pleased to be able to share the latest edition of our public infrastructure contracting State of the Market Report, giving you the latest insights and information into the sector’s relationship with the public sector.

Our focus for this research is public sector contracts in industrials, technology, engineering & infrastructure, because that is our core client group. We pulled data on some 7,297 public sector contracts this quarter and crunched the numbers to find out who is buying what, where, when and how.

Key takeaways:

  • In comparison to last year, the Federal Government has experienced a successful first quarter. Although fewer contracts were awarded overall, the number of higher value contracts have increased, leaving the government with a $1.5bn gain from 2020.
  • As in 2020, the main buyer for the Federal Government (so far) in 2021 was the Department of Defence, with nearly $3.1bn spent.
  • Altogether, this quarter has been the most valuable of all quarters for the past 2 years by over $2bn for Australia’s 8 states and territories. This can mainly be attributed to New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia.
  • Not all states have been so fortunate, however…Victoria is down $0.2bn on the same period last year and the value of contracts in Victoria has remained below the $0.25bn mark since January 2020 and steadily decreased its value over the rest of the year . This declining trend has continued into 2021 with contract values being below $90m for each month in the first quarter.

Read the full report and data sets here

We have also produced infographics for each state/territory: