For industrial innovators and technical trend-setters

You produce smart solutions. We support clever companies.

For industrial innovators and technical trend-setters

You produce smart solutions. We support clever companies.


Sharpe & Abel are lawyers and strategists who pre-empt and solve problems for industrial innovators. We’ll help you to protect your work and take it to the world.

Unlike a Big Law firm, we think about you as something more than a six minute increment. Our legal and business expertise comes packaged as a supportive partnership.

Lawyers & Strategists

You can confidently move your organisation forward because you know we’re competent in law and speak the language of business.

At Sharpe & Abel we’re big on context and curiosity. We cannot do our best work unless we understand who you are, what you do and where you want to go. Expect conversation. We’re genuinely interested.

Sure, we tick all the boxes. We’ll also guide you to think outside the box to realise those big plans. We’ll support you to secure your work, commercialise it, and take it to new markets - both at home and overseas. You get to focus on being the leader in your field.

Values & Heart

Integrity is all-important to us at Sharpe & Abel. We like to work with people who value values; who play to win fairly.

Sophisticated strategists understand that the best solutions come from surveying what is needed, not just what the law says. Our duty to uphold legal principles is something we take seriously. At the same time we know that law and business are complicated beasts.

We’re adept at dealing with complexity. It’s our job to make life simpler and less uncertain for you. Your company has built something from scratch; there’s heart and soul in it. We love that. It inspires us to keep your business prospering.

Local & International

Our team is a switched-on and capable bunch of qualified lawyers, consultants and strategists, with local and international experience.

We support intelligent industrial companies to operate at home here in Australia and to expand their global reach. There’s freedom in knowing that you can astutely grow your business, collect stamps in your passport, and do it all with justice on your side.

We’re here so you can minimise risk and leverage opportunities to bring the world into the future.

Want to know how we can help?
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