We posted about social media sentiment analysis at the beginning of the year and how it can be utilised to give your business the edge.  We have now developed an interactive tool which allows you to view data over the past six months for the following topics: Covid-19, employment, construction, HVAC, engineering and health and safety.  There are some clear ‘spikes’ in sentiment – perhaps unsurprisingly, government announcements in relation to reforms or initiatives are generally met with a rush of negative responses and yet tax cuts and funding announcements are met with a rush of positivity. You will, no doubt, be able to connect certain spikes or dips in the graphs to events or announcements that you are aware of within your particular industry area.

Perhaps slightly more surprising is the fact that the sentiments regarding Covid-19 seem to be pretty steady (Covid-19 data is restricted to the State of Victoria).  Even when new lockdowns or restrictions have been announced this seems to have only sparked a minor reaction.  Is this a sign that we have become more emotionally resilient to the inevitable ups and downs of living through a pandemic, or is it that the population of Victoria is pretty evenly split so that for every person angered by the restrictions, there is another who is equally relieved?  Or, is it that we are suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’ and simply have no strong ‘sentiments’ left?

We have taken a thematic approach with our sentiment analysis, but it can be used in a much more targeted way.  Could social media sentiment analysis help give you a greater understanding of your sector, your clients, your competitors or the wider world in which you operate?  If you are interested in finding out more contact us at: results@sharpeandabel.com and our research team will be happy to discuss your options with you.