How we help
How we help

Maybe you didn’t notice it happening. But your business has somehow become successful enough to get noticed. You’ve grown something valuable, worthy of protection.

Copycats are watching your brands. Competitors have their eyes on your staff and suppliers. The regulators could shine a light on your activities any day now.

We’re not trying to scare you. It’s just that we’re lawyers and strategists. It’s Sharpe & Abel’s job to ask, ‘what if?’ to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered. Sure, we solve existing problems but we also consider what could happen, so you can prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

In a nutshell, Sharpe & Abel tailor bespoke solutions so you can be the best in business. Minimise risk. Maximise opportunity.

Sometimes we resolve disputes or put contracts in place. We might get you ready to launch into new markets. Our team can put governance systems in place to strengthen oversight and shareholder value, or help your acquisitions people to discern whether that business over there is trash or treasure. You can get on the blower if a prototype fails and you want to understand the commercial implications.

We’re particularly curious about those who engineer, automate, manufacture or service infrastructure. We speak industry lingo (and a bunch of other languages too). We’ll also take the time to understand you, what’s going on and what you hope to do about it.

Consider us your guns for hire. Expertise on tap but not on the payroll. And if your in-house General Counsel is snowed under we can be the experienced extra hands on deck.

Legal Services

There’s enough complexity in law. That’s why we keep our services smart and prices simple.

Our legal services are governed by the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria). So you can move forward knowing that we’ve got your back and the force of law is on your side.

Strategy Services

Tough Problems

Your business is expanding and you’ve taken on the biggest project you’ve ever tackled. It might be a while before this project ends, and you can already sense that cashflow is going to be an issue; one that could send you to the edge. Together, we can set crystal clear objectives and a smart strategy to get the positive results that’ll make this a showcase project worth talking about.

Global Reach

We’ve got you covered for expansion into overseas markets or new production sites. Sharpe & Abel scout the legal, regulatory and governmental landscapes, to figure out what you need to do and guide you to get it done.

If your supply chain is global, we can negotiate for you in most of the key production countries across the world.

Red Tape Reduction

Don’t let red tape impede your progress.

We speak fluent bureaucracy and can help you untangle government regulatory burdens.

Let us handle regulators on your behalf, get the green light and free up resources to get your business moving.

Priced quoted per project, once we’ve had a conversation to understand the context and what you need.

While our strategy services are not covered by the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria) it’s worth remembering that we’re an ethical business governed by values.

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Our Results. Your Success.

Here’s a few examples of how Sharpe & Abel has helped clever cookies to produce smart solutions.

Get in touch for a 'no obligations' chat about what we can do for you and your business. Even if it’s just an inkling that you need something but you’re not quite sure yet what that is…

Commercial Growth

Ensured that a growing PPE client was able to grow its business by 38% YOY over six years, without any litigation.

Governance Framework
Dispute Resolution
In-House Expertise
Investment Decisions
Buying Business