We’re proud to bring you the latest edition of our public infrastructure contracting State of the Market Report, giving you the latest insights and information into the sector’s relationship with the public sector.

Our focus for this research is public sector contracts in industrials, technology, engineering & infrastructure[1], because that is our core client group. We pulled data on some 10,017 public sector contracts this quarter and crunched the numbers to find out who is buying what, where, when and how.

In the second quarter of 2021, the Federal Government experienced a fall in total contract value from both 2020 and 2019. And, despite having 2,720 more contracts this quarter, total value still fell $0.5bn short from Q1, indicating that the government awarded a lot more lower value contracts than previously.  However, not all sectors shared this downfall, as those in the Transport Services sector experience a significant 93% increase in total contract value. Similar to Q1, companies in the Transport, and Building sector have also seen increases this quarter, with the Transport sector holding the highest value per contract at $1.m.

It is not an even picture across the whole of Australia.  New South Wales is winning most new contracts (accounting for a massive 80% of contract value), with the other States experiencing mixed fortunes.

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[1] This research excludes major military hardware expenditure by Department of Defence but does include all infrastructure and construction expenditure by DoD.