How to transition from commercial to industrial contracts without losing your shirt

Australia’s construction market is growing and as the country opens up following COVID-19, the infrastructure sector is expected to grow at an exponential rate.  Governments are spending, and opportunities are plentiful.  At the same time, the stories of contractor and government court battles, contractors going under and skilled labour shortages circulate with alarming frequency.

Naturally, ambitious commercial contractors are looking to get in on the action and move into infrastructure projects where the rewards seem great (they can be).  But there are no rewards without risk…

Each infrastructure project generates huge opportunities for Australian companies. The framework that holds these infrastructure projects together is made of a web of interwoven contracts between the government and the private sector, and then between the many players within the private sector. Overlaid across these contracts is a complex patina of legislation and pre-existing relationships. However, many of the Australian companies looking to take advantage of the infrastructure market are unfamiliar with how to navigate this challenging landscape.

To support ambitious companies who are looking to make this leap we have produced a series of videos and other resources which highlight the risks associated with infrastructure contracts and suggest how to best mitigate them.

Infrastructure contracts are exciting to be involved with and can be a positive and lucrative step for your business to take.  You just need to make sure that the project that you think will ‘make you’, doesn’t in fact end up ‘breaking you’.