General Counsel

Let’s face it; as General Counsel, you never have enough resources and your inbox is never empty. One minute, you’re addressing the board and the CEO; the next minute you’re negotiating a contract for coat hangers.

There are plenty of firms who will give you glossy brochures and beauty parades and pitch like investment bankers for your enormous legal projects.

But that’s not what we’re here for.

We invented General Counsel-As-A-Service (yes, GCAAS if you really want an acronym) for overwhelmed General Counsels. We tack onto your team without you noticing the difference. Just forward us that email with the tricky (or weird!) question from marketing. Or send us that boring piece of drafting that you really could do without. You’ll be surprised at how easy we can make it- you don’t even have to write a brief.

Sceptical? So you should be. So here’s what one of our clients wrote about us:

“Sharpe & Abel get to know and understand your business so that when advice is required, it is strategic, commercial and most importantly, practical. They excel at thinking one step ahead and anticipating any issues that may arise - the end result being advice that is relevant and clear. A great asset to any in-house legal team.”


And we didn’t even have to buy her chocolate.

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