A beautiful quote from the genius Charles M. Schulz, which rings particularly true as Melbourne starts to slowly embrace the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, whilst other parts of the world are plunged back into their own versions of ‘lockdown’.

Certainly, we have had a tough twelve months, and we are clearly not out of the woods yet.  How do we deal with this uncertainty and start to look to the future with hope? How can we lead and inspire teams in this very different and challenging environment?  This was very much on our minds when we were asked to participate in the Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival.

On 17 September, Sharpe & Abel’s Legal Director, Melissa Kirby, spoke on Quiet Leadership Stories: Leading the people who make things that matter.  Melissa’s inspiration for this presentation is her clients, who have provided her with numerous examples of great ‘quiet’ leadership over her years of working within the industrial technology sector.  She used her time to provide examples of how they had previously overcome adversity and found a ‘happier tomorrow’.  You can listen to Melissa’s presentation on BIIF’s YouTube channel as well as other excellent sessions on topics that may be of interest.