We’ve been contacted a few times recently with questions relating to Covid-19 requirements, especially in relation to mandatory vaccinations and how to deal with employees who refuse to get vaccinated.

You will know that WHS legislation states that every person conducting a business or undertaking (basically, any employer) has a duty to ensure the health and safety of their workers as far as reasonably practicable. Our view is that admitting unvaccinated workers to your workplace is a workplace health and safety issue: the COVID-19 virus is highly transmissible, and potentially fatal.

Putting a vaccine mandate in place is one way for employers to protect employees from the risks of catching COVID-19. However, having a vaccination isn’t the only way: you’ll need to consider other measures to provide with a safe working environment (like providing adequate ventilation- cool app from folks at MIT here).

We have produced some guidance which explores the issue of mandatory vaccination, and what you will need to do if this is the path you decide to take, just email us at results@sharpeandabel.com to ask for a copy, or complete the form below for your free download.

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