Working at Sharpe & Abel – experienced lawyers

Do you currently get a buzz from the legal matters you work on?  Do you feel like an anonymous cog in a big law machine?  Would you like to feel that you were making someone’s life better?  This feel-good factor doesn’t just have to be the preserve of lawyers making representations at the International Court of Justice.  Businesses are made up of people and the legal issues they face can cause huge distress and anxiety.  You have the legal superpowers to make a tangible difference to their lives.

At Sharpe & Abel, we believe work satisfaction, and therefore client satisfaction, is greatest when there is a strong connection to purpose – our team knows how their contribution fits into the big picture and that they are making a positive difference to our clients.

We aim to ensure our practices align with the best interests of our clients, and the way we ‘do’ law reflects that. Guess what?  It turns out that what is good for our clients is really good for us too!

  • We incentivise our team to work efficiently and effectively to deliver an excellent result for the client, rather than just billing as many hours as possible. Presenteeism is banned – please go for a walk, smell the flowers, see your friends instead.  You will feel better and probably be a better person and a better lawyer too.
  • Our clients are with us for the long term, allowing our team to build strong relationships over time. Our clients are good, interesting people.  They have high standards, as do we, but they are fair and realistic, as are we.
  • We provide quality guidance and mentorship to our team, helping them to become the best lawyers they can be. If you are intellectually inquisitive (which good lawyers are) you want to keep learning. We invest heavily in the ongoing development and enrichment of our team. Additional qualifications, professional skills training, industry placements, are all on the table.  Have something you want to pursue?  We’ll back you if it makes business sense.
  • Our team works collaboratively, harnessing the power of our shared knowledge to solve any problems our clients face. You are a couple of years into this now, so we will allow you an eye-roll at the ‘open door policy’ touted by many firms. We don’t really have many doors anyway, instead we take a project management approach to our workload; we have each other’s backs.  It’s in everyone’s interest to help each other out as we succeed, or fail, together.  We rarely fail.

If you’re a lawyer who wants to explore a better, more purpose-driven way of working without compromising your career ambitions, chat to us today to see how you could excel at Sharpe & Abel.


Neeta Krishna Kumar, Senior Associate

“The top three reasons I like working at S&A:

– What is valued is your work; there is no premium placed on showing off / making the boss take note that you are working.
– You get to work on a variety of matters, from simple to complex. You are given autonomy and where required, guidance and support.
– You are surrounded by intelligent people you can have a good conversation with.”