Bears.  Apparently they have the best sense of smell of all terrestrial mammals.  We also pride ourselves on sniffing out opportunities for our clients and to this end, each fortnight, we will extract the currently advertised tenders from each of Australia’s state and federal governments, and make them available here.  If you’d be interested in receiving the full list of tenders on a regular basis straight to your inbox complete the form below, follow us on Linkedin or bookmark this page and check-in regularly.  You may have a team of people already monitoring things like this (great for you) but if not, we think this could make the task a little more ‘bearable’.

Tender data: We collect this data through an automated process. We wouldn’t be able to bring you such up-to-date data otherwise! Computers aren’t perfect, so whilst every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, we can’t guarantee it is error-free. If its mission critical to be notified of every opportunity, we recommend reviewing tendering websites directly.

Download the most current tender data (last updated: 10/01/2021)

You can search within this file by date, opportunity type and location, just make sure you enable macros first.  If your Department has set your security levels to higher than normal, you may not see the Enable Macros button. In this case, you’ll need to click on the File Menu -> Options -> Trust Centre -> Trust Centre Settings -> Macro Settings and make sure the Disable all macros with notification, then re-start Excel.

Tender tracker