At Sharpe and Abel we like shopping.  Our idea of a dreadful shopping experience: having to buy something that we don’t really want, not really being clear about what that ‘something’ is, or how much it is going to cost.  Unfortunately, this is often the experience of businesses when they purchase legal services.  We know that businesses like transparent pricing and fixed fees, but law firms are often reticent to really go down this route.  This isn’t necessarily because they are trying to hide anything or ‘dupe’ their clients – often it is because law firms do not run themselves like businesses, they do not know how much it costs to deliver their services, or what price their clients and the marketplace will attach to the value they provide.

We have undertaken a pricing analysis exercise and feel confident in publishing a list of our fixed fee products.  We also offer fixed fees for larger, more complex matters but these will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  The prices listed below are in Australian dollars.

We are aware that publishing a product and price list like this makes us vulnerable to undercutting by competitors, but we are confident in the value that we deliver, and our deep sector knowledge, that it is a chance that we are willing to take.  Plus, it is the right thing to do.