For the CEO/MD

Where do you want to take your business?  Interstate? Overseas? World domination?   

As your business grows, two things happen: you become big enough to be noticed and your business has something to lose.  Maybe you didn’t recall it happening overnight but you wake up one day and your brands have become valuable enough to copy, your staff good enough to be poached, your suppliers special enough to be noticed by your competitors and your activities numerous enough to be noticed by regulators.  

You have your plan for the future, but what are the showstoppers?  The obstacles?  The black holes? What can endanger your path forward?  Who’s got your back?

Aside from the usual legal services you expect, we can bring you executive-level strategic legal leadership.  Like having your own general counsel, but on tap rather than payroll.  You can expect advice at board or management level that is strategic, confidential and proactive.  You can expect us to see the obstacles in your path and prevent you from stopping your progress.

Our ethics and professional conduct mean that it is our duty to tell you when you should use another firm or another lawyer — and we regularly do.

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