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We believe that smart technical people do great work when they get the right support.

Our clients make marvellous machines, deliver clever commercial and industrial services and design innovative processes that get things done better, faster and more cost-effectively.

They are discerning about what they do. Each step is carried out with care, each line item examined in depth. Providing outstanding customer value is not negotiable. They understand that results require measured intelligence and strategic hard work - and leverage Sharpe & Abel's legal and strategy services to deal with the challenges that threaten those results.

Without worrying about the risks and challenge to their businesses, our clients stay focussed on serving their long-standing customers. They do what they are good at and leave the problems to us.

What we do, at a glance

  • contract reviews
  • drafting
  • credit control support
  • strategy design
  • international outreach
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Our team

  • matthew murphy

    Chief financial officer & strategy adviser

    Matthew Murphy, Director, MPR Group

    With over 20 years of experience in business, accounting and taxation advisory services, Matthew Murphy is an accountant and taxation and business advisor of choice to Melbourne's most innovative enterprises. As a business owner himself, he became acutely aware of the gap that exists in the market place between accountants and clients and has built a successful practice providing holistic advice based on sound technical knowledge and practical experience. Matt's ability to structure complex corporate transactions and also provide strategic planning and guidance means that he has few peers in the finance and accounting sector.

  • Melissa Kirby

    Legal Director

    Melissa Kirby

    Melissa Kirby is a lawyer and strategist who likes difficult problems, wherever and whenever they might occur. She specializes in working with engineering and technical professionals, supporting clients and keeping their businesses safe through difficult times during the Asian Financial Crisis, the Global Financial Crisis and all the times between. Prior to founding Sharpe & Abel, Melissa was counsel at the NYSE listed multi-billion dollar company, Honeywell, advising its Automation and Control Solutions business group in the Asia Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East regions and a director of its local subsidiary. Melissa has also headed up the legal, regulatory and compliance department of a major Australian utility company.

Advisory Council Members

  • chandada hewege

    Dr Chandana Hewege

    Dr. Chandana is a widely-published and highly-qualified scholar in international business. He is currently attached to the Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University of Technology as a lecturer at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in International Business and has had a career spanning Sri Lanka, Sweden, the UK and Australia that has centred around teaching, research and acting as a consultant to industry. He has published numerous research and conference papers and co-authored a book on corporate social responsibility. Chandana's academic research encompasses corporate social responsibility, management controls of transitional economies, marketing, international business and research methodology. Chandana is accredited as a teacher in higher education by the Staff Education and Development Association, United Kingdom (SEDA, UK).

  • patricia leahy

    Patricia Leahy

    Patricia Leahy is a leading authority in public private partnerships and privatisations. Prior to heading up the UK's National Audit Office's Private Finance Practice, she worked at the UK Treasury, Glaxo, Rothschilds and Schroders. While at the NAO, Patricia directed reports on the value for money of commercial transactions involving the public and private sector and was responsible for international knowledge sharing activities. Since 2009, Patricia has independently advised a number of clients, including the team negotiating Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields Prison PFI project. She is also a non-executive director of a Health and Care Infrastructure Research Institute and a Member of Network Rail.

  • abhijit mukhopadhyay

    Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

    Mr Abhijit Mukhopadhyay has done Graduation in Commerce (with Honors) from India and Law both from India and the UK. He is a qualified Company and Chartered Secretary both from India and the UK. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of the UK and The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

    He has experience as Heads of Legal and Secretarial functions in several multinationals, private and public sector companies. He has occupied very senior positions like Chief General Manager (Legal) and Company Secretary, Director (Legal and Secretarial) and Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary (one-step below Board level positions) in those large companies. He has also served as Non-Executive Directors in several companies.

    Presently Mr Mukhopadhyay is the President (Legal) and Company Secretary in the Hinduja Group (a multi-billion dollar transnational conglomerate operating in 30 countries having 45,000 people) in London and is involved in the Group's worldwide legal functions. He is also a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of several Group companies in the UK, Austria, Mauritius and British Virgin Islands.

    In 2010, Mr Mukhopadhyay was nominated as one of the top 50 legal professionals in India.

    In India, he was actively associated in various professional activities such as the Chairman, National Task Force on Law, Confederation of Indian Industry (the apex trade body); Member of Corporate Affairs/Company Law Committees of several other national-level industry bodies; Member of Government of India's Task Force on integration of various Laws; Member, Secretarial Standard Board of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Guest Faculty Lecturer in Law in several Indian Universities.

    Abhijit is a prolific speaker on legal subjects and author of numerous articles on Law. In London, Abhijit is a Member of the India Business Forum of the Confederation of Indian Industry and Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board of Corporate Counsel Leadership Community in India.

working with us

Thank you. We're grateful for your interest. We receive a number of inquiries, so here is some information that might answer your questions.

Legal Services

For day-to-day operations, Sharpe & Abel keeps businesses out of trouble with the following legal services:

contract review: we review and negotiate terms and conditions to suit your business. Why take on risks you cannot manage?

drafting: we prepare contracts that help you manage your customers and your suppliers operationally and allocate your risks intelligently.

credit control support: sometimes customers don't pay when they should. Sharpe & Abel gets you results with as little damage to your customer relationship as possible-- occasionally, they even come back and give you more business.

Our legal services are all governed by the Legal Profession Act 2004 (Vic).

Strategy Services

For the bigger challenges to your business, you'll need our strategy services:

Strategy design and planning: sometimes you want the most effective way to get your business out of a sticky situation; other times you need a smarter way to meet your business goals. We get you crystal clear on your objectives and design a strategy to get you the results you need. We can even drive execution.

International outreach: looking to expand into overseas markets or start production elsewhere? We scout out the legal, regulatory and governmental landscape for you and can negotiate in key markets.

Regulatory services: when the long arm of government ties your business up in red tape, we help you untangle it.

Our strategy services are not governed by the Legal Profession Act 2004.


Charging in six minute units isn't good for you or us. At Sharpe & Abel, we like to keep our pricing smart and simple.

  • Contract Review

    Contract reviews start at $325 for each contract. We can give you a better price if you have a constant number of contracts you need reviewed.

  • Drafting

    Sales and supply contracts start at $350 each, depending on requirements.

  • Credit Control Support

    $90.60 for each letter. End-to-end process and package pricing available on demand.

  • Strategy Services

    Start at $3,000. We price for value and will provide a quotation upfront.

how we work

We are lawyers and strategists to people who make and deliver things that matter- we love working with the technical industries including manufacturing, HVAC, fire and security and engineering. We like relationships that work well for you and for us, and that generally means a few things:

  • You are respectful, professional and take your business seriously. But a sense of humour isn't lost on you.
  • You value accountability and work best with professionals who understand the hard work that goes into earning each dollar.
  • You understand that for all professional services, there is a trade-off between time, quality and cost and you can choose which is most important for each circumstance.
  • You understand that as lawyers, we are duty-bound to act in the best interests of our clients. That means we may sometimes tell you things you may not want to hear. You're open and appreciative of that. We're always respectful, but we never try to sugar coat the message.

At the beginning of each relationship, we take the time to scope out in detail your requirements. We work with you to get this right up front so we both know exactly what to expect. We tell you what we need from you, when we need it and why and help you get the best value from our services. We let you know when your services will be delivered and deliver on time. We don't overcharge and we don't under deliver.

We work magic but not miracles so if you're looking for top-tier quality at bargain basement prices or projects that need to be delivered yesterday, we aren't the firm for you. Our clients understand that results require intelligent leadership, strategic thinking and a lot of hard work. They give us the time and space to work our magic.

Does this sound like your business?

Have a look at some of the results we have delivered for other clients. If it sounds like we could help your business too, send us an email at describing your business, the services you need and timing and budgetary requirements and we'll see if we are a good fit for each other.


Some of the results we've delivered to our clients include:

  • Maintained quality while reducing the costs of contract review for a major multinational manufacturing and technology company that acquired several businesses over a number of years. No contractual problems in newly-acquired businesses.

  • Drafted user-friendly partnering contracts for a growing utilities business. Sales team found the contracts easy to use and the partners found them easy to understand. The relationships flourished within clear boundaries.

  • Retrieved monies owing from challenging debtors including an employee, a director-guaranteed SME customer and companies with cash flow issues. We have even retrieved monies from companies under administration.

  • Devised and executed a strategy that stopped a $100M contract from being terminated and turned around the relationship so the customer gave our client more profitable business.

  • Negotiated our client out of sticky situations with government agencies and enterprises in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

  • Implemented a strategy that stopped regulators from continuously auditing a business that had been in regulatory hot water.

  • Designed a strategy that allowed a company to get access to monopoly infrastructure and turn an end-of-life building into a beacon of environmental sustainability.


For technical professionals who care about getting results, we write a periodic newsletter about smart ways to use law and strategy to achieve goals. Sign up if you’d like to be considered, and we'll be in touch.

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